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Update Thursday May 26th - We have power and are open for classes!



Please note that we are adjusting our vaccine policy for the Spring Session starting April 18th.  The school will no longer require that all students be double vaccinated.  For the time-being, masks will still be a requirement.  We will continue to monitor the government guidelines along with the advice of the medical community. 

The last 2 years have been incredibly challenging for our gymnasts, parents, and staff.  As an organization, we will continue to do our utmost to keep everyone safe and healthy.

GYMNAST COVID SCREENING: All participants and staff must complete daily screening prior to entering Corona Gymnastics.  Please go to at the top of the page enter LOCATION CODE: APSZBJ .  Disregard the "checkout"option.



  • VACCINATION FOR STAFF. Corona Staff are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 
    • Vaccination for children 5-11 years of age.
      • Spring 2022 session. All participants, ages 5 and older are encouraged to be vaccinated.
    • MASKS-Gymnasts and Staff are required to wear a disposable, 3-layer (minimum) mask at all times while in the facility.


  • GYMNAST COVID SCREENING: All participants and staff must complete daily screening prior to entering Corona Gymnastics.  Please go to at the top of the page enter LOCATION CODE: APSZBJ .  Disregard the "checkout"option.
  • If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, please notify us by phone or email. Your  information will not be shared with anyone other than the Corona Management Team.  Classes will be notified if someone in the the group has tested positive (identity will not be revealed).
  • Send an email to (or Program Head Coach for Competitive) or call 613-224-6524 to inform us if your child will be absent and the reason for the absence.



  • Gymnasts and employees are required to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the facility and when changing events in the gym.
  • Entrance-Preschool and Recreational gymnast will enter and exit through the front entry door. Competitive Gymnasts will be informed by email which entrance they are to use.
  • While waiting to enter, please line up at the door using the distancing lines. Enter the facility one at a time to allow for proper distancing.
  • Parents must be punctual for pick up and drop off. You may wait by your car, or wait on the sidewalk, adhering to the 2m distance
  • Only gymnasts and employees may enter the facility. Parents may watch through the windows-however, they must adhere to 2m distancing. Avoid touching the windows or doors.  Once the weather is warmer and the snow has melted, outdoor seating will be provided.  Our wifi is accessible from outside.  Network name: CoronaParents2  PW: Welcome1
  • Washrooms are open for participants.
  • Changerooms-Gymnasts are to arrive dressed for gymnastics class. All of their belongings, including shoes and coats must be placed in a backpack that they will keep with them throughout their class.  Only send necessary items.  See Backpack list.
  • Water fountain is off-limits-please send a filled water bottle.
  • If a gymnast displays symptoms of Covid, they will be isolated in a separate room and parents will be contacted to pick up immediately.


  • Backpack-labelled with gymnast’s name
  • Hand sanitizer for their personal use.
  • Filled water-bottle
  • If the gymnast requires chalk, they must purchase one for the personal use. Chalk is available at the office for $5.  Chalk must be kept in a hard plastic container with a lid.  The container should be large enough to hold a block of chalk and to use the lid as a tray to catch chalk dust. Spray bottle to be used with chalk. (labelled with name)
  • Grips and wrist bands (if gymnast wears grips)



  • Squirt Class. One adult is required to attend the class and assist the child.  The adult attending must be fully vaccinated.  If, you have another child participating in a Preschool class (same day) that begins at a later time, you may bring your older child with into the gym.
  • Mighty Squirt. Although the Parents Lounge is not open, we understand that at this age, some children may have a difficult separating from their parent to enter the facility on their own.   If your child is experiencing difficulty separating from you, please speak with the entry Supervisor, a parent may remain in the Lounge during the class and may assist by helping the child remain in the class.  Please note that this is only while the child is having separation concerns.  Our viewing lounge is currently being used for gymnasts' to store their belongings and is not set up for parent viewing. Once your child has settled into the class, the parent will need to leave the facility.  There are tables outside the windows that you may watch from and our wifi is accessible from there.  CoronaParents2 PW:Welcome1
  • KinderGym. Parents can bring the child to the gym entry, but will not be able to enter or stay in the facility during the class.

Nepean Corona School of Gymnastics


effective September 1, 2021

Our mission is to follow procedures to protect our gymnasts, employees, and community members and to help prevent the spread of disease.