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Corona Competitive Mens (MAG)

Corona Gymnastics competitive training focuses on an athlete’s physical, emotional and mental well being alongside their conditioning and skill development. Our dedicated coaching staff firmly believes that developing a mens competitive gymnast requires more than just elite gymnastics training, it requires comprehensive gymnast support. This means that our womens competitive gymnastics training is committed to the emotional support and development of gymnasts, alongside the high-level conditioning and development of their physical gymnastics capabilities.


Corona Gymnastics coaches are nationally certified, with years of coaching experience, and continued training. Many of our mens' competitive gymnastics coaches are former competitive gymnasts.  Come train with us and see why so many gymnasts choose us for competitive gymnastics in Ottawa.

Competitive Gymnastics Levels

High Performance: For senior 18 years old and up.
National Junior: For gymnasts ages 13-17 years old.
Elite 3 & 4 For gymnasts under 13 years of age.
Provincial Program:  Consists of five categories of gymnastics competition for ages 8 and up.
Open: For gymnasts 16 years old and up.
Levels 1 – 5: Levels 1 and 2 follow a compulsory exercise program. Levels 3, 4 and 5 follow an optional exercise program.
Pre-Competitive: For gymnasts 6-8 years of age training in preparation for competition and will attend invitational gymnastics competitions when prepared.

Competitive Gymnastics Training Philosophy

Corona Gymnastics is highly experienced in competitive gymnastics training. For several decades we have observed, and helped lead, the evolution of elite gymnastics. As more exceptional talent is developed around the world, competitive gymnastics has become increasingly physically and mentally demanding. Therefore, it is paramount that gymnasts have realistic expectations for their competitive gymnastics training and development.

Competitive gymnastics training is a tool that individuals can use to pursue excellence, and achieve rewarding personal growth. At Corona Gymnastics we give each competitive gymnast an equal opportunity to improve upon their abilities at the competitive gymnastics level that best suits their unique physical and psychological constitution. Our competitive gymnastics program is grounded in realistic expectations for high-level gymnastics competition and training. We continually evaluate our competitive gymnasts on a series of factors including age, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and personality. In this way, our coaches and staff aim to ensure each individual is matched to the level of gymnastics training that affords them the greatest opportunity at achieving personal excellence while maintaining personal health.

Governing Rules

Competition and competitive gymnastics training at Corona Gymnastics in Ottawa, is governed by the rules and regulations set by Gymnastics Ontario (G.O.). The mobility of gymnasts from one level to the next is based upon rules put forth by this governing body. The dates and locations of competitions, gymnast skill evaluations, the composition of routines, and routine evaluations are also set by Gymnastics Ontario rules. “Gymnastics Canada Gymnastiques” (G.C.G) is the National Federation that oversees the development of elite gymnasts and their coaches. Competitive gymnasts at Corona Gymnastics will become familiar with these governing bodies.